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  • Regulates temperature
  • Absorbs excess heat
  • Liberates heat in the presence of cold
  • Eliminates sweating
  • Thermal compatibility with your partner
  • Facilitates a deeper sleep
  • Fibre developed by nasa


The human body passes through various sleep cycles during the night. This process begins at dusk when the brain reacts to signals from the eyes and begins producing melatonin. This chemical element produces a reduction in the body temperature and makes you feel sleepy. When you begin to sleep your breathing is slow and constant. Later you become less receptive to external sounds. Finally you experience REM sleep, an essential part of the sleep cycle which is responsible for recharging and reorganizing the mind in preparation for the following day. Propensity for entry into REM sleep increases when the body’s temperature is at it’s lowest. The ZAZEN sheet with Outlast technology helps the body reach and maintain the optimum temperature for REM sleep.

While you sleep , your body temperature and humidity keep changing, which leads to a feeling of discomfort. To help you to maintain your personal comfort zone, the fabric of the ZAZEN sheet reduces these changes in temperature, absorbing excess heat when you produce too much and releasing when you need it.

The PCM Thermocules adapt to the microclimate of your skin to reduce overheating and perspiration, and preventing cold and shivering.

Outlast technology originally developed for Nasa, was born out of a necessity to keep astronauts comfortable in space. Named Phase Change Material (PCM) it was developed for use in special suits and gloves to protect the astronauts from the extreme fluctuations between the glacial cold and searing heat which they feel when they spacewalk or when repairing the space station.

According to a study of sleep quality carried out in the USA by Outlast, 84% of participants improved their sleep, 71% awoke less times and 67% reduced their perspiration.


COMPOSITION: 70% Cotton, 30% Outlast


  • Can be washed at up to 30ºC
  • Do not Bleach
  • Iron with low temperarure
  • Can be dry-cleaned
  • Can be tumbledried

Sizes available:  90cm, 105cm, 135cm, 150cm, 160cm, 180cm


Press cuttings 1
Press cuttings 2
Press cuttings 3