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ANTI-STRESS fitted sheet


  • Improves the quality of sleep
  • Improves rest
  • Neutralises static energy
  • Releases accumulated stress
  • Facilitates relaxation
  • Alleviates muscular contractions
  • Eliminates fatigue


Static electricity is the electric charge that is built up between our bodies and the clothes we wear,  often due to friction, as well as by the influence of the electric fields in which we are immersed (mobile telephone antenna’s, televisions, home appliances, computers, etc.). 

The human body works using electrical  impulses which are sent from our brains to the muscles and cells of our bodies and which control the function of our organism.

The presence of another type of electricity such as static causes interferences in these bioelectric impulses that regulate our corporal activity causing stress, mental fatigue, corporal fatigue and muscular contractions, whose alterations affect the quality of our sleep.

The Zazen sheet is composed of a technological anti-stress fabric with a warp and weft design which favours contact with the human body (ergonomical study) and which, due to it´s high conductivity and earth contact, neutralises the electrostatic charges which accumulate in the body during the day.

Based on scientific investigations carried out by the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, The  American Institute for Stress, National Sleep Foundation and the  University of Atlanta into the quality of sleep based on the principal of electrical conductivity, it has been show that the elimination of static electricity accumulated in the human body improves  the quality of sleep, by more than 78% .

AITEX, as the avant-garde centre of European investigation, has realised an exhaustive study of the numerous advantages that the ZaZen Anti-Stress Sheet and Duvet cover present for our bodies health, arriving to certify that the article is highly conductive on the basis of the norm UNE EN ISO 1149-1.


COMPOSITION: 88% Cotton. 10% Polyester, 2% Other special fibres


  • Can be washed at up to 30ºC
  • Do not Bleach
  • Iron with low temperarure
  • Can be dry-cleaned
  • Can be tumbledried

Sizes available:  90cm, 105cm, 135cm, 150cm, 160cm, 180cm


Press cutting 2
Press cutting 3
Press cutting 4