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The company Aznar Textil has developed a thermoregulator sheet
The Valencian textile manufacturer is going to commercialise the first thermoregulator sheet in the market. The Zazen sheet is manufactured with a functional textile which is capable of regulating the temperature of the body while a person is sleeping. This sheet controls changes in temperature by absorbing excess heat and releasing it when required.
The OUTLAST technology on which this sheet is based was developed by NASA. Called "phase change" (PCM) this technology was applied to special suits and gloves in order to protect astronauts from extreme fluctuations between the bitter cold and scorching heat they feel when they turn around through space or when they fix the space station.
After an extensive research project the company Aznar Textil has managed to apply this technology to a sheet for the home. The company is committed to R & D as a way of positioning it's brand and products compared to the competition; it recently launched the first anti-stress sheets already with great success in the market.
The body goes through several sleep cycles during the night. This process begins at nightfall as the mind reacts to signals from the eye and starts the production of melatonin. This natural chemical element acts to lower the body temperature and make you feel sleepy. When you start sleeping, breathing is slow and regular. Later you become less receptive to external sounds. Finally you experience REM sleep, an essential part of the sleep cycle that is responsible for recharging and reorganizing the mind for the next day.
The propensity to enter REM sleep increases when the body temperature is at its lowest level. The ZAZEN Thermoregulator Sheet with Outlast helps the body achieve and maintain this optimal temperature for REM sleep.
The operation of this sheet is based on PCM Thermocules particles present therein. The PCM Thermocule particles are microscopic in size, 1,000 of them would fit on the head of a pin, very durable and capable of interactively absorbing, storing and releasing body heat. These particles reduce temperature and humidity changes; they absorb excess heat, charging the cold Outlast material, and seek thermal equilibrium, the heat is distributed throughout the fiber and fabric. When the body temperature becomes cooler the fabric performs the same cycle in reverse, the stored heat is released, returning to the body to maintain thermal equilibrium. They work so that the user's temperature is neither too hot nor too cold, but just right.